Friday, August 27, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #1

The first petite challenge from Jean of Extra Petite
The Challenge: Create an outfit for weekend brunch with your girlfriends. The outfit must include one garment that is typically notorious for being a petite "don't." Such garments include: dresses, skirts, or pants that hit at the scary mid-calf length (not cute, cuffed jeans...I'm talking real capris) or below the knee, maxi dresses, full A-lined skirts, or wide-legged pants.

I used the same elements to create two different looks; stripes and neutrals. When done right capris (I'm technically wearing cropped pants, oops), stripes and wide-legged pants are not that scary (on petites).

1st outfit: AA trousers, Tory Burch flats, Saks tank, random necklace, Vintage Gucci clutch, J. Crew belt
2nd look: J. Crew linen pants, F21 shirt & jacket, random necklace & belt


  1. You have such a talent for this, dear! I can't pick which look I like better; I love how you paired them both with stripes.
    xo Josie

  2. You have such a great sense of style! This outfit looks so simple and chic but it would take me forever to put that together.

  3. Just found your blog via Extra Petite's petite fashion challenge. I love the outfits you chose! Great blog in general!

  4. Love the way you put your hair up, you look very pretty and chic. I adore your 2nd look overall. It would be more polished if pants were hemmed a bit to where I could get a glimpse your shoes (just my two cents).

  5. I know, they are a bit long and I don't wear them that often for that reason. I was just thinking about hemming last night.

  6. I like the first look more than the wide-leg look. I can never pull of the cropped pants...I'm thinking maybe your look works, because the waist belt area is higher up, lengthening the legs...I guess that would make low-rider crops the bad ones?

  7. My favorite is the 2nd outfit. I agree, if you get them hemmed a tad (probably $10 or so) then we can see whatever pretty shoes are hiding underneath!

  8. I loved the first outfit with the AA trousers! It makes you look really tall (without flats even!) since it is so high waisted. Cute necklace!

  9. You did a job well done with the are really good with styling love..

    keep it up!!!

    Good luck!!!



    thats my blog thanks

  11. what great outfits, i love them both! I just found your blog and I love it! I will be coming back :)

    I'm also hosting a giveaway on Friday if you're interested!

    The Flip Side of Oz

  12. You look great! Love #2 look. Would love to see what shoe you have on. YOu seem to be built alot like I am so am taking notes - Thanks for the inspiration! Bonnie

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